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To make a good beer, all you need is good water, hops, malt and yeast.

The true origin of a beer springs from the people who make it. We, who are the creators of Bijnens, are at the same time Germans and Belgian friends. All with deep roots in the soil of the lands which produce the best beers in the world. Bijnens was created with devotion, relentless hard work and hilrious good times. We were all bitten by the bug, with its taste in our mouth, its music in our heads and a lot of beer in our blood. In short, great friendships, great times and the perfect brew.

The monks, the ancestors, the legends, the land, or the football players, all that is good for making a publicity. Sometimes, we should admit, very nicely, and even really nicely. Sexy, virile, poetic, amusing, and all that. So be it. But in our case, all we add to our Bijnens, is our passion, our desire to make a light beer, but one that is robust, easy to drink, fresh and surprising. That’s all. But that’s the main part of it. Taste, and you’ll discover.

Bijnens Bier
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