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Bijnens Beer
no past - more fun Our tradition starts now
Serge Bijnens

Serge Bijnens

no borders - more friends

Serge Bijnens, the company’s CEO. Inquisitive by nature, a polyglot and passionate, is a true son of Europe. Everywhere he goes he investigates and tastes. Travelling from one country to the next,visiting their best breweries, he compares, experiments, invents and then decides. He meets, charms, makes an association. And off it goes.

Stephane Verdood

Stephane Verdood

no expectations -
more surprises

Managing partner of Vesalius Biocapital. That’s a complicated tilte. But a lively one, and, like our beer also promising, like all the yeasts of which he has an intimate knowledge.

Marc De Keyzer

Marc De Keyzer

no past - more future

The creator and boss of De Keyzer Drinks, a distributor known and recognised by the entire horeca sector. He knows about beers. He and Serge met on a golf course. They talk golf and bubbles, and the current passes. This beer is really new, says Marc.

No Past, More Fun. This reminds me of my youth. Lightness, courage, character, creativity. Bijnens is something that has been truly born.

Friends don't let friends
drink bad beer.
The Bijnens Team
Bijnens Bier
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