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Bijnens Beer
no past - more fun Our tradition starts now
Bijnens Beer

Security and stability are comfortable . But we like to get out and about, to discover, and to innovate. Are you looking for “beer”, good beer and good company? Then you’ve found it. This is the beer for you! A really new beer, which defines what a beer should be: light, with character and easy to drink. An unexpected beer, different in every way, without the traditions of the past, but which inaugurates the traditions of tomorrow. We’ve been from one country and brewery to another, trying this and that recipe, and now we have found our own. So you too, please feel free to trawl around this site. Come and discover our passion and discover the addresses of those who share this passion.

Atome BE Atome BE
Beer doesn't ask silly questions,
Beer understands.
Serge Bijnens

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